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Brand Protection Services



Our team of experience is trained to examine our clients’ merchandise. We carry out covert surveillance of the market place and proactive investigations identifying those selling, importing and manufacturing our clients’ goods. We are not just a reactive organization. We work collectively for a number of clients in order to keep costs to a minimum by jointly taking actions against the counterfeiters and their traders, aiming to put them out of business by seizing all their stock and assisting with prosecutions.

At BIS Investigation Services we have a dedicated team who deal with internet / social media who have taken down numerous bogus web sites and many thousands of online marketplace listings for trade mark and copyright infringements.

Recent annual seizures have exceeded Millions of counterfeit clothing and merchandise jointly on behalf of our clients. We have conducted covert investigations throughout the world and provided the judicial authorities with our evidence thus making their task easier in taking legal action against these perpetrators. 


What would you do if you found your product for sale at an unauthorized store?


Many brand companies hire us to conduct investigations on their behalf. At BIS Investigation we have been successful in the recovery of millions of dollars of counterfeit products. BIS Investigation Services has managed several Fortune Brand Company protection programs within the United States for the past 10 years. Grey market goods are genuine branded products that are imported to a country through unauthorized and usually illegal means. These goods are not manufactured in the country where they are being sold, but have been sourced illegally from another nation where the goods are available at a price that is significantly less. This allows people to make a profit by selling these grey market goods illegally.


We conduct, investigate and gathering information about trademark. BIS investigation is a licensed private investigation agency. Insured by Texas Department of Public Safety providing services to clients throughout Dallas,Fort worth, Texas, U.S and worldwide. Trademarks are Names, Logos, Symbols, Jingles,or words that companies use to distinguish one service or product from others.

We’ll tell you how we can implement our proven intellectual property protection programs to make sure you’re the only one who profits from your hard work, and to keep others from damaging your good name. By hiring BIS, our clients can have peace of mind that they are in safe hands. Please  don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. We will gladly furnish you with the information you seek.


                                      Domestic Violence Investigation


* Are you concerned about your children when they are not in your care?

* Who interacts with your children when they are caring for your child?

* Are your children being exposed to inappropriate activities?

* How much time does the other parent spend with your children?  Are they leaving the child home alone?

* Are your children being exposed to drugs or alcohol?

* Are clauses in your custody agreement being violated? 

  Let us get the necessary protection for the victim before it is too late. Call BIS immediately and let us get the evidence required. We collect evidence and documents needed for police reports and preparations for divorce hearings before it’s too late.




        Surveillance Investigations


Have you noticed unusual behavior from a family member? Is there reason for concern? Have you witnessed unexplained financial issues, not being truthful on their whereabouts or even violence toward others or themselves? If you are suspicious that your partner or family member might be hiding something and you want to know the truth, speak with us today to find out what we can do for you. 

* Infidelity

* Gambling

* Drug Addiction

* Violence to others or themselves

          Infidelity Investigations


Undercover Operation & Investigations

Employee Theft and Company Fraud – Ever-growing ​problems in times of economic hardship, we can provide a range of services all of which are discrete, effective and will help you protect your business. 

Our highly experienced private detectives are particularly skilled in the following areas:

Theft, industrial espionage, sexual harassment, substance s abuse,workplace violations, fraud and mystery shopping, safety issues, supervision issues,etc.   We offer a high quality and professional undercover operations to help you resolve the problems from the inside out.


Insurance Workers Compensation Investigations &  scams

Fraud is a growing problem in today's society. Businesses are especially at risk to fraudulent insurance claims. We can help rectify unnecessary payouts through several types of investigation: Industrial injury claims, accident, sickness and personal injury claims or vehicle accident.

Scams are forcing premiums higher, draining business profits and costing honest workers their pay and jobs.

Inspection Assignment

Comprehensive background investigations of business owners and their respective business. Our office conducts on-site inspections of the physical business location and collects supporting documentation to complete an inspection report of the premises.



Comprehensive background checks

BIS Investigation Services


A Background Check is conducting research into a person’s information, relative to  

the purpose of the check, and reporting on the findings. It may include a person’s past such as criminal record, traffic history and past employment. It may also verify current information including professional licenses, memberships and right to work. It is common knowledge through large quantities of research that a percentage of resumes, around 20%, reportedly contain at least one fabrication, lie, or omission. In extreme cases, that one fabrication could substantially increase risk factors.

 For example, a medical practitioner that is not licensed to practice in State of Texas is hired as a surgeon. A truck driver hired by a company without any form of checks may have a suspended license. A person hired as a financial controller could have a history of embezzlement from prior employment. None of these scenarios are ideal and can be mitigated by simply conducting a background check on potential applicants.  BIS can help assist in protecting a company or organization from these types of risks.



Office  (817) 891-4586

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What our customers are saying  Your Satisfaction is  Important to Us

BIS Investigation support has provided me with an excellent service and investigation work.  Iyad and his team completely understood our need and requirements.  I have complete faith in BIS Investigation Services support to be able to respond to any customers' needs, understand them and most importantly for us as we worked with Iyad previously. You will not be disappointed!


​​Licensed / Bonded by State of Texas

Iyad Sadi - Director, State Lice # A 03058101

Throughout Dallas,Fort worth, Texas, U.S and worldwide 

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